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“There is no health without mental heath” .  (WHO)                                
The Better Mental Health training is designed with communities in mind. We all know someone who has been affected by mental illness and we have all experienced different attitudes to those people. Our goal is to bring awareness to mental illness and it’s stigma, which keeps people from living in dignity and feeling included in their universities, workplaces and communities. 

the JOY collective

“We have to encourage the future we want, rather than trying to prevent the future we fear”.                (Bill Joy) 

Life will always be complicated. Don’t just wait for things to get easier, simpler or better. Come join us at the JOY collective and learn how to live the life you have in mind. At the JOY collective learn how to create goals so you can live with the JOY you choose right now. Coaches will help you plan and achieve those goals through groups, activities and one on one session.

English Clubs

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages opens doors along the way”. (Frank Smith)

English clubs have been a fun place for students and young professionals for years. Not only will you learn a new skill,  you will find a community of people to share learning and life with. Friendships are a big part of the clubs and helps mental wellness in the process. 

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"no one has ever become poor by giving"

Ann Frank

Very few of us have not been touched by mental illness in our family or friends.

If this important and marginalised area of human need touches your heart please consider partnering with CapacityVietnam or becoming a fundraiser for future projects.

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