Our social programs give back

to the community creating lasting change

KidzMatter (formally Adopt a School)

CapacityVietnam has a strong desire to help schools train
and equip teachers and parents to provide a safe environment for every
child in Vietnam. Kidz Matter is about creating a long term meaningful partnership with rural schools and communities.

We provide workshops for staff and parents, along with the delivery of the Better Mental Health Program. Supporting the whole community in recognising the value of communication and encouraging words, children can develop self confidence, self worth and a healthy emotional foundation in their life. Projects also include providing school materials and equipment and training for english teachers. 

TalkHubs (Spotlight) English Clubs

TalkHubs  (Spotlight) English Clubs are for university students, young professionals and others to practice conversational English. These clubs are growing in number and are a great way for young people, especially those who have come from other provinces to the city for study or work, to find friendship and support while learning english. These are important factors for young people to manage their mental wellbeing.   

 Volunteers connect with participants through kindness, care and encouragement. Lives are dramatically changed through this supportive environment with local groups starting clubs as a community service in their areas. TalkHubs are also enjoying success in other cities in north VN.