Our enterprises build skills

that give marginalized people sustainable solutions towards independence.

Our Enterprises

Our enterprises lie at the intersection of where the people’s greatest needs meet their best opportunities. People in recovery need three things to recover well and maintain recovery—they need meaningful employment, social connection with peers/ wider community  and a supportive team of family friends and health workers. While the sectors we will invest  in span a range depending on the clients needs, as of 2018, we are prioritizing investment in two sectors: vocational skills and mental health awareness and recovery. As we grow we intend to enter other sectors within the enterprise market.


Triple8Motorbikes is a socially responsible, self sustainable business, providing skills training within a fully operational motorbike repair workshop. We believe every person has the right to provide the basic needs for their families. This happens when equal employment opportunities are provided. Triple 8 Motorbikes program will enable rehabilitated from additions to continue their recovery and to gain the skills they need for these employment opportunities.Selected trainees will first receive government accredited training for 4 months and gain nationally recognized certification. On completion they will then receive further 8 month practical on the job training and experience in repairing and servicing motorbikes, start up tool kits and trainee wage.

Better Mental Health

Better Mental Health is an awareness building enterprise targeting the lowering of stigma and discrimination in the community and employment sector. Better Mental Health will provide training and education to the community and employment sectors via 2 day trainings, ½ day trainings and workshops tailored to the government and private sector workplaces. Better Mental Health’s vision is to work with government agencies to impact health professionals in rural communities. Only 30% of communes in Vietnam have access to mental health services, as the services are mostly located in urban areas.