About CapacityVietnam

CapacityVietnam is an international partnering organization increasing  awareness of mental health issues, improving community inclusion and supporting  recovery.

Our Mission

  ‘a vision for better mental heath’

By creating a vibrant community of social enterprises we  believe social, family and workplace supports can be strengthen and inclusive communities built.

Those recovering from mental health challenges can find independence and dignity through building resilience, capacity and vocational skills. Adversity and severe resource limitations, economic and social inequities can be addressed and lives and communities changed.

Our Story

CapacityVietnam was incorporated on June 3, 2018, with seed capital from the four owners and One Day Funding as well as  several individual donors. Our desire is to transform the world of mental health in Vietnam by seeing all people challenged by mental health or addiction issues as, human beings, and not a diagnosis. The trainees of CapacityVietnam’s social enterprises will benefit from vocational and skills acquisition, equal employment opportunities and placement, or, assistance to start their own small businesses.

CapacityVietnam’s enterprises will become self sustaining businesses, creating supportive environments, enhancing recovery and well being, while engendering dignity encouraging independence.

Our Team

Rhianon Walls


Michael Walls

Project Manager
Small Business Mentor